Private Residence for Seniors: Le Parc in St-Léonard for retired people

The private seniors’ residence Le Parc in St-Léonard is a place of elegance and comfort that welcomes elderly people in a warm and safe environment. Located in a peaceful neighborhood, this residence offers quality services and modern facilities to meet the needs of its residents.

At the heart of the residence, there is a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who ensure the well-being of each resident. Personalized care services are offered to meet individual needs. Additionally, the residence offers a variety of activities and leisure options to allow residents to stay active and socialize with fellow residents.

Let’s explore together the various facilities and services offered by Residence Le Parc, as well as the benefits of living in this welcoming community.

Photos of Residence Le Parc

The photos showcase spacious and bright apartments, welcoming common areas, and high-quality leisure facilities. These images provide a glimpse into the quality of life that this residence for independent seniors offers to its residents.


Common living areas

Residence units: Phase I

Residence units: Phase II

Video of the residence: What does it look like?

The video visually introduces you to the residence before planning a visit. You will be able to get a concrete idea of the atmosphere and living environment offered by Residence Le Parc, thus reinforcing transparency and trust in the residence.

Seniors’ Residence Le Parc

The 5 advantages of Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard

The residence stands out for a multitude of advantages that make it a privileged living environment for seniors. First and foremost, residents benefit from an elegant and comfortable living environment, where every detail is designed for their well-being.

Additionally, the residence offers optimal security with staff available 24 hours a day and state-of-the-art surveillance systems.

The private apartments are designed to combine autonomy and comfort, with adapted amenities and superior soundproofing. The common areas are welcoming and promote socialization and interaction among residents. The residence is also known for the quality of its staff, who are trained to respond attentively and professionally to the needs of residents.

1. Services INCLUDED in the price.

Residence Le Parc offers a full range of services included in the living package. Residents also have access to personalized healthcare, medical accompaniment if necessary, on-site pharmacy products and concierge services.







TELEMAX (terminal not included)

Local telephone

In addition to basic services, the residence offers a personalized assistance program, which may include services such as mobility assistance, personal assistance, and specialized nursing care.

2. The activities offered to residents: Leisure

Life at Residence Le Parc is punctuated by a calendar of diverse activities that cater to the interests and abilities of each resident. Residents can participate in fitness classes, artistic workshops, educational lectures, and cultural outings.


billiards room

outdoor garden

indoor pool

The activities are designed to stimulate the mind, body, and soul, promoting the fulfillment of residents and organized by a team of professional animators who ensure that each resident finds their happiness.

3. The facilities and amenities of the residence

The facilities and amenities of Residence Le Parc are designed to offer residents a high-quality living experience. These facilities include a well-equipped fitness center, a spa, an indoor pool, and spacious lounges for social events. All these spaces are accessible to residents and are maintained in impeccable condition to ensure their enjoyment and safety.

This seniors’ residence also features a restaurant offering gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs. Residents can enjoy fine dining in an elegant setting, or opt for meal delivery service to their apartment for added convenience.

4. The security measures implemented in the residence

Security is a top priority at Residence Le Parc. Strict security measures are in place to ensure the protection of residents at all times.

  • La résidence est équipée de caméras de surveillance et d’un système d’alarme de pointe.
  • Un personnel de sécurité est présent sur le site 24 heures sur 24 pour intervenir rapidement en cas de besoin.
  • La résidence dispose d’un système d’appel d’urgence dans chaque appartement, permettant aux résidents de contacter le personnel en cas d’urgence médicale ou de sécurité.
  • Les ascenseurs et les autres installations sont également conçus pour faciliter l’accès et la mobilité des résidents, réduisant ainsi le risque d’accidents.
  • The residence is equipped with surveillance cameras and a state-of-the-art alarm system.
  • Security personnel are on-site 24/7 to quickly respond to any needs.
  • The residence has an emergency call system in each apartment, allowing residents to contact staff in case of medical or security emergencies.
  • The elevators and other facilities are also designed to facilitate access and mobility for residents, reducing the risk of accidents.

5. The different accommodation options offered by the residence

La résidence Le Parc propose 226 appartements privés répartis sur plusieurs étages, offrant ainsi un large choix d’hébergement aux résidents.

Phase I

  • 2 ½
  • 3 ½ Corner
  • Large 3 ½
  • 4 ½

Phase II

  • 2 ½
  • 3 ½ Corner
  • Large 3 ½
  • 4 ½

Care units

15 dedicated studios of 1 ½

plan 3 et demi résidence Le Parc
plan 4 et demi résidence Le Parc

Each apartment is equipped with a functional kitchen, an adapted bathroom, and multiple amenities to ensure the autonomy of residents.

The units at Residence Le Parc are designed to offer various housing options. From studios to multi-bedroom apartments, each unit is equipped to meet expectations of comfort and privacy while allowing for a rich social life.

The apartments are available for independent and semi-independent retired individuals, with specific layout plans for those who need a little more assistance. Additionally, some apartments are designed to make life easier for couples, allowing them to live together while benefiting from the residence’s services.

kitchen condo

Rates and packages for different units and needs

Contact Edgar Sanson

Residence Le Parc offers a transparent pricing structure and packages tailored to different budgets and needs. Residents can choose from several housing and service options to find the solution that best suits them.

The price for a 629 sq.ft. 3 ½ on the 3rd floor varies between $1,925 and $1,995 per month.

Le Parc in detail, a residence suited for everyone



  • Adapted entrance
  • Outdoor access ramp
  • Adapted bathroom


Unit amenities

  • Fire detector (connected)
  • Electric door opener (garage)
  • Semi-furnished


Energy and Heating

  • Water supply: Municipality
  • Energy for heating: Electricity
  • Heating mode: Convection baseboards


Parking options

  • Indoor parking for $85 per month
  • Outdoor parking or parking for $25 per month


Building amenities and common areas

  • Common areas
  • Elevator
  • Balcony/Terrace
  • Fitness room
  • Medical services
  • Indoor pool (heated and inground)
  • Meals offered
  • Spa
  • Visitor parking


Services Nearby

  • Highway
  • College
  • Hospital
  • Park
  • Bike path
  • Elementary school
  • High school
  • Public transportation


Restrictions – Permissions

  • Minimum age required: 50+
  • For independent individuals
  • Non-smoking
  • Short-term rental not allowed
  • For semi-independent individuals


Windows and View

  • Window type: Crank (casement)
  • View: City view

The philosophy of the residence is focused on the well-being and comfort of the residents

The philosophy of Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard is centered around the well-being and comfort of the residents. This translates into a holistic approach to care, where every aspect of the residents’ lives is taken into consideration. The residence is committed to providing an environment where residents can lead a fulfilling and enriching life, while receiving support tailored to their needs.

The emphasis is on creating a sense of community and family within the residence, where residents are encouraged to support each other and share their experiences. The residence aims to provide a living environment that feels like home, with the peace of mind that comes with care and security services.

Every aspect of Residence Le Parc is designed for independent and semi-independent seniors. The apartments are equipped with modern amenities and adapted to ensure maximum accessibility and safety. Grab bars in bathrooms, non-slip floors, and emergency alert systems are some examples of specific accommodations to meet the needs of residents.

kitchen condo

Some necessary tips for making the best decision regarding senior living residences

Louise Audet

Hello, I’m Louise, your dedicated retirement living advisor.

With over 35 years of nursing experience with seniors, I am attentive to the needs and living conditions of semi-independent elderly people.

My seasoned expertise allows me to guide you in finding a new living environment tailored to your needs, while reducing the stress and worry associated with administrative and complex procedures, with the utmost respect for your expectations and needs.

My commitment is centered on your well-being, with a dedicated role to ensure your comfort and serenity at every step. Contact me today for personalized assistance, and together, let’s find the living environment that meets your expectations with peace of mind.

Meal options available for residents

The residence’s restaurant offers a varied menu that includes balanced and nutritious dishes, with options for special diets.

Residents can also enjoy common areas for cooking and sharing meals with other members of the community.

For those who prefer to eat in the privacy of their apartment, the residence offers a meal delivery service, allowing residents to enjoy the quality of restaurant meals while maintaining the comfort of their home.

Resident comments on their experience at the residence

The comments from Le Parc residents are extremely positive, reflecting a high level of satisfaction with their living experience at the residence. Residents often mention the attentive staff, impeccable facilities, and variety of activities offered as key aspects of their well-being.

Many also highlight the security and peace of mind they feel living in an environment that takes care of their health and safety. Resident testimonials are a valuable indicator of the quality of life offered by the residence and are a testament of trust for future residents and their families.


Plan a visit

The residence’s commitment to its residents

Residence Le Parc‘s commitment to its residents is demonstrated through the consistent quality of services offered and special attention paid to the well-being of each individual. The residence is part of a list of private seniors’ residences committed to creating safe, comfortable, and enriching living environments for all its residents.

The team at Le Parc invests daily to meet the expectations of residents, offering them personalized support and attentive listening. This commitment is the cornerstone of the residence’s reputation for excellence and the trust placed in it by its residents.

To promote physical and mental well-being, Residence Le Parc offers a range of activities and leisure options. Fitness classes, artistic workshops, cultural outings, and social events are organized to encourage residents to lead an active and fulfilling life.

The Saint-Léonard neighborhood is known for its calm and safe environment, making it particularly suitable for seniors. The residence is also well served by public transport, making it easy for residents to explore the city or visit family and friends.

The Le Parc Private Seniors’ Residence in St-Léonard is an ideal choice for seniors seeking a peaceful and pleasant retirement. With its commitment to elegance, comfort, and quality services, it sets a standard in the field of seniors’ residences in Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard offer?

Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard offers a full range of services, including accommodation, meals, housekeeping, nursing care, and 24-hour security, among others.

What types of accommodation are available at Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard?

Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard offers individual rooms and apartments with one or two bedrooms.

Does Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard offer activities for residents?

Yes, Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard offers a variety of social, recreational, and cultural activities for residents to promote their well-being and fulfillment.

Is there a medical assistance program at Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard?

Yes, Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard offers a medical assistance program that includes coordination of health care, medication management, and access to healthcare professionals.

Does Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard have a garden or outdoor spaces?

Yes, Residence Le Parc in St-Léonard has a garden and several outdoor spaces designed for residents to enjoy nature and relax outdoors.

What are the differences between a RPA and a retirement home?

A retirement home (RPA) is generally a place for independent living with additional services available, while a nursing home offers more intensive care and assistance for aging individuals who need it.

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