Private Seniors’ Residence (RPA) in Quebec – What Should I Know?

RPA private residences for seniors. Here are the details you need to know about an RPA residence in Quebec before selecting one. Accommodation for 65 years and over, adapted to all needs.

Statistics of the Real Estate Market for the greater Montreal Now?

In February 2024, residential sales in the Montreal Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) reached 3,843, a significant increase of 30% compared to February 2023. However, this level of transactional activity is slightly below the historical average recorded for this time of year. This surge in activity is attributed to several factors, including sustained migration to the […]

Steps to follow after an offer to purchase a HOME [Buyer vs Seller]

Main steps to follow after an Offer to Purchase a HOME. Don’t miss anything to complete the transaction with complete peace of mind!

▷ The 5 Tips for Presenting a Real Estate Purchase Offer in Montreal!

The real estate market in Montreal is constantly evolving, with numerous purchase and sale offers being concluded every day. It is therefore essential for buyers to stand out by presenting a convincing offer. Discover our 5 TIPS to properly Present your Real Estate Purchase Offer in Montreal ✍️ Maximize your CHANCES of success!

A Successful Condo Purchase in Montreal: Complete Guide

Succeeding in buying a condo in Montreal is a highly popular option yet a challenging task to accomplish. Montreal is a dynamic city that increasingly attracts individuals, whether for living or investing purposes. It appeals to young professionals seeking their first home as well as investors looking to diversify their real estate portfolios.

Practical Guide to BUYING a House (Tips & Steps)

Tips for BUYING a House in detail ✔ Follow our 【PRACTICAL GUIDE】 to succeed in your transaction in Quebec Step by Step. ➤ Buying a home is a major event in many people’s lives.

Can I Deduct the Purchase of a House from My Taxes in Canada?

Is it possible to deduct the purchase of a house from my taxes in Canada? Find out about the tax credit when buying a house in Canada.

The Land Register of Quebec in Real Estate Transactions

Discover the crucial role of the Land Register of Quebec in real estate transactions ⚠️ Learn more before buying or selling property!

Consulting the Land Register of Quebec: Errors to Avoid

Learn about common mistakes while consulting the Land Registry of Quebec for better research. Exciting tips await exploration!

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